Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Beginning.

Every blog needs a beginning.
I guess I'll start off with.. Random crap that hits me along the way. [metaphorically speaking. ;) ]
I've been thinking about how amazing my relationship has been going with the love of my life, Luis Baca. ♥ It'll be 7 months in about 2 weeks. I'm excited. And next Friday is his birthday. I hope to do something majorly special for him. :)
It all started on August 27, 2009, with just a simple wave and I was head-over-heels for him. He swept me off my feet. I guess that's what people mean by love at first sight. But our relationship began September 11, 2009--A sad day for American citizens, becomes the most amazing day for me.

Once I become passionate about something, It's one of those things that I cannot just quit on. And I'm passionate about Luis. I really am. His family is amazing. And.. so far--his friend Tyna. [I kinda get this feeling that none of them like me so much though.]


I took this photo when me and Luis were laying in the back of the school during lunch. It was random, but I kinda like this picture. You gotta admit, it's a great picture for someone who has no experience with photography at all. ;)
But I have a few more pictures I've taken that I'll post up another time, in another post. :)

Spring break is finally here--But I'm not so excited. I made plans with my best friend, Ceej, to go swimming with him, Tre [his boyfriend], and Luis. But my mom made me cancel. My brother bought tickets for him, his "soon-to-be" girlfriend, me, Luis, and Amy to go see the Jabbawockeez; but we may have to cancel because it's "Good Friday." But I'd like to know what's so "good" about "Good Friday." I may have to call it "Bad Friday" for a while. This entire break is such a drag. The entire time I will most likely be cleaning the ENTIRE house. Laame.

I miss my babe :(
But of course--I'll see him later.