Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools! ;)

My best friend, Cj, had a very sad loss almost about a year ago. And even though it may seem like a long time away for some people--it feels like just yesterday for him. I have tried my best to be there for him every step of the way.. The only problem is that I have never really experienced the lost of someone who I was dearly close to. I have experienced my cousin's grandfather's death, and yes it was tragic. But I didn't know him so well to be depress about it. So with Cj, it is a whole other story. He's a very understanding and gentle person, he sees the good in everyone, but sometimes loses himself and thinks the worse of himself. He has been there for me, through thick & thin, it's hard to not see him there in my future. Not having him there would most likely devastate me.

I had written a poem dedicated to both Cj and Aunt Deana:

A broken heart one cannot hide,
Where no one can make the pain subside.
Empty and forgotten he turns to depression,
And soon he tells me his confession.
It was one autumn day when his home phone rang.
His Aunt Deana had lost her way.
His falling teardrops plummet to the floor below,
As he sat below his bedroom window.
His sorrow filled my heart with sadness,

And I wanted to end this madness.
He never had his last goodbye,
He wanted an answer, God, please tell him why.
Soon one day he'll understand,
That her tale will never end.

I'll have to show this to him another time. I think he'll be somewhat grateful, but heartbroken. So that's why I haven't had the courage to show him. Anyways, if you read this Cj, I hope you like it. And I want you to know that I love you so very much! :) xoxo.♥

On to another subject--I am home alone and it sucks! It's creepy. I never knew how much I hated it till now. WHEN ARE THEY COMING HOME!? :O

Ready for another picture moment? I should think of an awesome title to call these. :D

Notice the broken string? Haha. My dad was playing the guitar and it SNAPPED. :O
I've been trying to learn to play it, but I probably won't be able to till I go buy a new string.

I love spring! This picture is from my front yard. I love how these flowers just randomly grow by my living room window. It makes our front yard somewhat nice looking ;)
But so far, this spring, it has been SNOWING. What the heck, right? I was looking forward to wearing less warmer clothing--But I guess I'll have to keep it out from storage for a little while longer.

Well anyways, I'm barely getting up. And I need a quick shower. I'll be back for more posting later on in the day. :)
Maybe I'll come up with a cool April Fools joke for later. Let's hope! :D


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