Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday, April 2nd.

Ugh. I first wake up with a enormous head with my mom streaming at me to wake up. I have an early hair appointment. I guess I'm excited. But she's being an snob about the haircut that I want. I want it short, and she's all, "I don't like it." But she never liked any of my haircuts and they all came out just fine. I don't need a crap haircut. I should get I can just finish getting ready. I'm not going to post this up till I have a friggin picture on this thing. TTFN. Ta-ta for now! :)

I'm back.
And sadly, I cannot post up a new picture at the moment. I lost the adapter for my phones memory card. So I can't put it on the computer just yet. Cross your fingers that I do soon.
Wow, intense day today. My dad can piss me off so much at times. It's crazy. Since today we're fasting, he has a certain time that we can all eat. Breakfast--9, Lunch--12, and Dinner--5:30. But Amy, Michael, and I went to church at 12 so we couldn't eat. So when we got home, we decided to eat. My dad was pissed. So stupid. I wanted to smack him. How were we supposed to eat when we were at church, right? Whatever though.
Woo! I'm going to see the Jabbawockeez today! :D I'm stoked. I actually get to spend my time with Luis this spring break! :)
Okay, I took a quick picture on my webcam and I know I'm wearing a hat--which makes it hard to see. But please, bare with me...
Weird, right? Lol jk. It's alright. Not perfect. Maybe if it grows out a little it'll look a little better. Do you think I proved my mom wrong? Or right? Lol.

Well anyways.. What more is there to talk about? Hm.
"Situations, are irrelevant now,
She loves the way that I tease,
I love the way that she breathes
I touched her (ooh),
She touched my (ahhh),
It was the craziest thing"
Haha, I love this!

I'm kinda nervous. I think Luis forgot about my haircut, so I'm scared he'll have some kind of heart attack from seeing it. Haha. Let's pray he doesn't. :P
Wow--I don't even know anymore. All of my friends have lost their virginity. Am I the only one that's waiting? I mean, I love Luis..and I'm ready. But we're waiting for the perfect time.. Ya know? Lol, oh well.
Ugh! Time goes by too slowly! I want to go see Luis NOW! :( I miss him like crazy! And listening to depressing music doesn't make it help.. I don't want to change the song though, haha. This suckss.

Well I'm gonna go sulk somewhere else for now.
TTFN! Xoxo. :)


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